Casinos tricking customers: A fact or a hoax?

“The house always wins”. That’s something we have heard for ages. But, does that ever discourage you from taking your trip down to your favourite casino? Of course not. One of the most incredible things about gambling is how uncertain the outcome is and playing despite this uncertainty. When we lose, it is easy to blame the age-old adage saying that the casino always wins. But those moments when you win, and you feel on top of the world, make the whole experience worth the drawbacks. For someone who enjoys gambling, it would only be natural to wonder if the casino does have some tricks up their sleeves to prevent the customers from winning. Let us look at some features that are common to most casinos to see if you are being deceived or if the casinos are completely honest.

The House-Edge

The term “House-edge” describes the casino’s advantage over you in a game. It ensures a profit for the owner over numerous games and time. The house edges are built into the games and determine how much percentage of the money you bet goes to the casino.

The House-Edge

Keeping you addicted to the atmosphere

Casinos making money does depend on you staying and keeping on playing. They employ several methods to actualize this, including the free drinks, the mysterious and glamourous aura, the elaborate layout that will keep you exploring more and more, etc. Once you enter this labyrinth, you would feel reluctant to come out. Besides all these, casinos are strict with consistency regarding how they appear to the customers. The interiors remain unchanging no matter the time of day. For a casino, it is crucial that you keep playing, and reach the house-edge to increase their profits. So remember, all these features and free stuff do come at a price.

Making their own rules

No matter what you believe, casinos do not follow the same rules everywhere. Most casinos enforce their laws for each game, reducing the players’ chances of employing sly methods to increase their odds. Sometimes you might have better odds at tables in one particular country while your odds might be worse in another. It would be wise to figure those out before you set out on a gambling adventure.


Staying oblivious to the magnitude of the money you bet

Casinos use little chips and not actual money to carry out the real betting. What this does to you is make you feel better about spending your money since they are not in the form of intimidating rolls of cash. You don’t always realize what you are pushing on to the table when it’s just thin and colourful chips.

Casinos do use a variety of methods to ensure a steady flow of customers, but you must remember that casinos are businesses and businesses require profits to thrive. It would not make sense for casinos to be designed in a way to improve the player’s odds.

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